If you suspect that your computer has been affected by a malware, the first thing that needs to be done is to visit Bitdefender.com and download the Bitdefender Free Antivirus program for your PC.

Bitdefender is not a new name in the antivirus industry. They have always been the front runners since they know exactly a consumer are looking for in an antivirus program. The program is packaged with classy and well-organized technology keeping the crooks on the internet away. Bitdefender is a lightweight antivirus program designed specifically for those people who do not want to get into hassle of complicated features and screens and are more interested in getting their work done.

This antivirus software was released in the last quarter of the year and was appreciated by many users throughout. Similar to the commercial offerings from Bitdefender Antivirus, the free version is equally good and successful. This is because it also runs on the cloud based technology which offers real time protection for your computer. The paid version of Bitdefender is loaded with features but the free version offers the essentials that are required to keep your machines safe and is well streamlined.

The downloading and the installation process of the Bitdefender Free Antivirus program is very simple and easy. It has its own downloader which would download and install the program on your PC.  One thing that should be kept in mind during the installation of the Bitdefender Antivirus program is that no other antivirus program is running simultaneously with the installation, else it might create issues in the process. You can also refrain yourself from sharing unidentified data that is required to make the program better.

The free version of the antivirus program has a very simple interface. There are only three essential options that are available on the screen.  The first option is the enable disable the virus shield, second option is the Auto scan option which scans the system completely and is turned off when you are not using it. The last option will show the Bitdefender account and the number of days accessed. However, you are required to login to your social networking account in order to use the free version of the antivirus program; else it would automatically disable itself after 30 days.

The Bitdefender Free Antivirus is excessively simple, with minimalistic features like running a complete scan of your system. In current scenario, you need to select individual files and folders manually in order to get them checked. Someone who is not technical enough to deal with these apps it would be difficult for such users with lack of options. You need not to understand too much since this program would delete the infected files without notifying you.

The good part about this software is that, it does not need a lot of system resources to run. The antivirus engine is good and does not allow any malicious program to install on your computers.

So, the free version of this antivirus software is brilliant and someone low on technical knowledge would also have no problems using it.


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