After a long day of being in front of the computer it’s time to destress and try Pilates. Don’t let that back pain or headache stop you from enjoying life. In Denver you can find many Pilates studios to alleviate your pain and be happier.

Personal Pilates Plus

Feel better mentally and physically, visit ​Personal Pilates Plus​. Choose from unlimited packages or weekly, monthly or yearly packages; go private or stay in a group setting. Try a fun PiYo class, that combines Pilates and yoga. Not only will you burn calories, but gain balance and get a much needed stretch after being 8 hours sitting down. Improve and gain strength, flexibility with a Pilates Reformer class. Be pain free and reduce back pain with a Pilates Mat class, open to all levels. Don’t suffer in pain alone and head to Personal Pilates Plus.


Elixir Pilates & Wellness

Whether experienced or beginner, Elixir Pilates & Wellness helps you 7 days a week fight your stress or pain. Choose from group, duet or private classes, and pick from one, five or ten classes. Go for a Mat Pilates class to get your body back in action. You’ll be challenged, build strength and balance. With Barre Pilates, you’ll have fun and target specific muscle groups. The inclusion of equipment such as wunda chair, low barrel and Pilates stick helps you keep optimal alignment. Visit ​Elixir Pilates & Wellness​ to get some relief.

Pilates Denver

Take Pilates classes taught by educated and certified staff at Pilates Denver. Expect personal attention and motivation to get you going. Choose from private, duet, trio sessions or group sessions. Recondition your body and feel leaner and rejuvenated. Choose from reformer/tower combo, barre, or mat classes. Get ready to gain control and balance of your body and be ready to take overcome anything. Plus, increase circulation, decrease back and joint pain. Stop by ​Pilates Denver​ and feel better.

Be ready to renew yourself and take a Pilates class at your nearest Denver Pilates studio. Get relief and go back to being on your computer job with less pain. Give Pilates a try and see how it can help you.

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