Are you a techno-geek and a bit of a fashion freak as well? More and more women are entering the fields of engineering and computer science, and it is high time we recognize that.

This post will spotlight ways that women, who are just as equally gifted in engineering and computer science, can still maintain their looks. Of course, if you are a computer scientist or engineer, your free time is pretty much nil. As a woman, though, society still expects you to maintain your appearance- you are not allowed to slum it like your engineering and computer scientist brethren. No, as a female computer scientist or engineer, you need to have both brains and beauty.


Luckily, you are no stranger to technology. This post is going to show you the best time and money-saving trick currently out there to keep your unruly hairs at bay.

As a practical-minded scientist, you can see the benefits of saving money on things you buy. That is why we want to introduce you to a new partnership between Groupon’s Coupons and Tria Beauty. By checking out the preceding page, you’ll note that you can immediately score $50 off a Hair Removal Laser 4x from Tria- pair that with a 10% savings promo code and you are sitting pretty, right about $80 in savings. And that is just from a few clicks of the mouse- surely you can see the logic in this.

That’s not all, Groupon’s Coupons is partnering with hundreds of retailers across the United States, so if you liked this opportunity with Tria, you should definitely check out other pages. And every retailer’s page is updated regularly- if you have already made use of a code or are not enticed by what you see at the moment, keep in mind that this page will be updated within a matter of days. It is definitely worth your time to bookmark Groupon’s Coupon’s and check in on it. Perhaps you could even write a short program that will notify you when potential savings exceed $50? Now that’d be using that big beautiful computer scientist brain of yours.

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