A recently introduced substance on the market, Igtropin is popularly known for its performance enhancement benefits. Though there is a lack of sufficient information regarding the recommended dosage and frequency of use it is gaining fast popularity in the market, especially among professional athletes and bodybuilders. Although there is a legal restriction imposed by sporting organizations on the use of such substance by athletes, users still prefer to take the risk for getting an upper hand over other competitors. But before its application into the body, it is necessary to know the probable benefits and the associated impacts upon usage.

This substance is known to promote all tissues in the body, including the internal organs, brain, and eyes. Being a modified form of IGF-1 it contains amino acid which provides more powerful impacts on the body.  The injectable version of the Long R3 IGF-1 is believed to provide outstanding results in terms of performance enhancement. It has a longer half-life than the traditional IGF-1 medicine showing effects up to 30 hours on the system, thereby enabling longer effects from a single dosage intake.

Following a proper dosage

This component commonly referred to as IGF-1 is similar in terms of molecular construction to insulin. This substance plays a crucial role in the growth of children and adolescents and provides notable anabolic benefits for fully grown up adults. The IGF-1 Long-R3 is naturally produced by the human body attaining its highest levels at puberty and then gradually decreasing with age. The production of these hormones by the body leads to the development of lean muscle mass while providing with increased strength and stamina. The recommended dosage intake ranges from 20mcg to 80mcg per day with professionals opting for increased doses for higher gains.

Many users opt to segregate the daily dosage into two parts with a time period between two doses being not less than 10 hours. While some professional bodybuilders prefer to take up to 200mcg intake per day for higher muscle gains it also brings with it the possibility of increased risk of side-effects on the body. Such high doses are generally preferred during accumulation of lean muscle mass. However, professionals recommend amateur users to start off with the basic dosage of 20mcg per day and then slowly increase the intake according to the effects observed upon usage.

Prevailing market price

Unlike HGH which is administered subcutaneously, the IGF-1 Long R3 version is injected intramuscularly. This product currently produced by GroPep has a price range of $170 to $400 per ml containing a purity level of about 85%. It is either available in powder form or diluted into an alcohol solvent and is recommended to be kept in the refrigerator prior to injection. The product manufactured by the Chinese company GenSci is also considered to be the same product though nothing much could be known about its authenticity. However, the Long-R3 IGF-1 product marketed by such company is generally high costing up to $500 per mg but the ease of usage induces many to opt for the same.

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