Forskolin is an herbal extract from famous Indian herb Plectranthusbarbatus or Coleus forskohlii, a plant that belongs to the mint family. Mainly the roots and leaves of this plant is used to extract forskolin. Today, forskolin supplement are immensely used by common people for treating several diseases and also for protecting the body from several disorders. Due to its effectiveness in burning fat and maintaining healthy level of testosterone, forskolin has become immensely popular among professional bodybuilders and athletes also.

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What is forskolin?

Coleus is one of the most found members of the mint family of plants, which is native to subtropical areas of many African and Asian countries, such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and Uganda. In India, it has a very extensive history of application in traditional medicine, such as in Ayurveda.  In traditional medicines, the of this plant was used to support heart, lungs and kidney health, among several other uses. It is also believed to be an effective herbal extract for memory. Even today, the tuberous roots of Plectranthusbarbatus are usually made into little sour pickles to serve with various dishes in Indian and other continental Asian foods.

Plectranthusbarbatus contains some very active compounds, among which, forskolin is the most usefulsubstance. It has been used widely in numerous scientificstudies as an effective enhancer of the vital cellular messenger compound cAMP. Physicians sometimes use forskolin in IV, as an eye drop, to treat a range of conditions in the eyes.

Use of forskolin in medicine

In medicine forskolin is primarily used in treating the following disorders –

  • Bladder infection
  • IBS or Intestinal Bowel Syndrome
  • Intestinal colic
  • It reduces inflammation
  • UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections
  • Reducing Menstrual Cramps
  • In several eye problems, such as controlling increased eye pressure in glucoma
  • Sexual dysfunctions in males
  • In cancer treatment as a suppressant of cancer cells
  • Controlling secretion of thyroid from the thyroid gland
  • As a suppressant of various allergic symptoms of the body
  • Controlling hypertension and easing cardiovascular muscles
  • It helps in controlling the blood glucose levels in the circulatory system
  • It is an effective bronchodilator and enhances the functionality of the lungs.

Benefits of forskolin in obesity and weight loss

Most commonly forskolin is used to control obesity by burning unused and excess fat. In the following important studies by the researchers it is found that forskolin is indeed an effective fat burring agent –

  • In a study conducted by the researchers of the university of Kansas it was found that the oral application of 250mg of 10%forskolin extract twice a day reduces fat in the obese individuals effectively.
  • In another study conducted on slightly overweight women with the same doses of forskolin reveled the same benefits of the supplement.
  • In a significant study on some nearly normal weight women, it was found that forskolin is very effective in preventing weight gain.

Thus, bodybuilders and athletes trust this product to burn extra fat in their body as also to prevent accumulation of fat, particularly during off-season periods.

Doses of forskolin in different condition

Doses of forskolin differ in different conditions. Most experts opine 250mg of 10% forskolin supplement two times a day is the optimal dose. For weight loss purpose, it is generally taken 30 minutes before a meal for having its benefits fully used in the body. However, one needs to study the content before using a file, as percentage of forskolin supplement normally varies from 10-20% in different brands.

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