Real estate, like many other industries, continue to see the addition of a wide range of technological features. Whether providing tools for home buyers or sellers or helping real estate agents to market effectively, real estate technology continues to grow. Take a closer look at some of the newest and more innovative elements available today in this sector.


HouseCanary is an app that allows individuals to predict the resale value of any property. This app recently raised $31 million in funding to help it to grow. The tool has been accurate in forecasting the sale price of a home within 2.5 percent of it, a pretty significant feat.


For the real estate agent, Adwerx is a platform for support. It is a type of re-targeting and advertising tool that has been used in the industry for a short time. However, the company is expanding in its features and resources. For those who in the real estate industry, it continues to be a staple in advertising services.


This new type of tech is actually providing a way for more people to buy into commercial real estate. It allows people – usually individual investors – to pool together debt and equity from various investments to buy, as a group, retail centers, office buildings, apartments, and homes.

Hands-on Tech

Green building technology isn’t the only area in real estate seeing huge developments. One key area of change in real estate technology is being hands-on. That is, real estate agents need to have tablets with the proper programs on them to help facilitate a walk-through of a home. They need to be able to use these tools to provide comps on site when meeting with a new customer. Smartphones are one tool, but the use of tablets is growing in importance. They allow for agents to present their services and provide tutorials, commercial-like ads, and presentations anywhere.

Home Security and More

From Nest to Google Home and Amazon Echo, there is no doubt that technology is also entering the home. Whether with a focus on home automation or with added security and connectivity, these tools are empowering homeowners to be more in control over their environment. Interestingly, these are also becoming big selling points for home buyers.

Real estate technology is providing for better communication and connectivity. It is helping agents to get things done while also helping consumers and buyers to be more knowledgeable about the process and about the industry in general.


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