Thanks to this tech savvy era, now one can travel by minimizing the amount of haste and worries one had to go through. Apart from taking note of super useful travel gadgets, there are some absolutely amazing apps which you must install before you travel. From acting as your virtual wallet so that you do not have to risk travelling with money just everywhere to helping you discover the best hotels for your stay, these apps will make your travel journey less hectic. Check them out in the list below:

Trip Advisor

I am pretty sure that Trip advisor needs no introduction but in case someone’s unacquainted with the name, here it is: Trusted by millions of travellers, Tripadvisorwill simplify your work by helping you get access to the best bargained fares, finest hotels, great restaurants and much more. It has true reviews from travellers just like you so that you can make better decisions on deciding where to stay and where to have fun. You can also add your own reviews and pictures. Compare airfares here across different online travel sites to bag the best deal for yourself.



Imagine yourself in an unknown territory on a solo trip in India and discovering that your phone has low balance. That is sure to give you a mini heart-attack, especially if you have travelled somewhere where you feel lost. Instead of tiring yourself in search for shops which can recharge your phone, download Freecharge app and recharge your phone just anytime and anywhere. Do not miss out on the Freecharge coupons to get tempting deals.Everytime you recharge via Freecharge, you get wonderful discounts coupons of retailers like Costa Coffee, McDonalds, Barista, Dominos, et cetera almost equivalent to value of your recharge.


Google translate

If you do not want to spend a dime on a translator device, you have to download Google translate app which is plain wonderful! The app will translate an unknown language for you and that too live! Using this feature is extremely easy. Open the app when you are conversing with another person who speaks a different language and listen to the app as it makes the unfamiliar language understandable to you. Isn’t that awesome?



It would be nothing less than a nightmare if you have to spend a fortune for staying in touch with your special ones over phone when travelling. Daily expenditures like these can definitely take a toll on your wallet which is why you must install Skype. Thanks to this communication app, you can send instant messages or indulge in video calls anywhere provided you have a Wi-Fi network. You can include up to 25 people in video calling, add up to 300 people to a group chat, share photos and video messages as well. In case you can’t access skype and are low on balance, just use MobiKiwk coupons to recharge your phone.



Picture this:You are undertaking an adventurous trip. When it is finally time to pack your bags, you sit on the floor with your head in your hands. That is because you are totally clueless on what essentials you will need for the trip. Instead of rummagingon the internet endlessly, simplify your work with the help of this app. PackPoint is an Android/iOS based app which will provide you with a list of travel essentials depending on the nature of your trip. The app takes into account various factors such as weather conditions, nature of trip, activities you plan on doing, access to laundry facilities or not, et cetera.


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