The future has arrived, ladies and gentlemen!Whether it is paying off those regular bills or something smaller such as an Aircel online recharge, online wallets are now used for ease of transactions. Just transfer an amount to Mobikwik and start using it!


Now these wallets have their regular perks but have creative ones as well and one of these includes the possibility of wooing your better half.

  1. Stuck at the office on Valentine’s Day while your sweetheart waits for you? There’s an easy fix to let them know you are thinking of them with a quick bouquet delivery. How does this link to an online wallet? Well, most of these companies offer plenty of tie-ups with flower delivery services. Sometimes, they even have cashback offers on these orders!
  2. In the process of wooing someone, but don’t have the time or resources to really impress them? Well, there’s a solution to that too with a variety of gift specific websites connected with online wallets. Customise a gift or send them something thoughtful by paying for it online. You could even go all out and have one delivered everyday while keeping an eye on your balance online easily.
  3. The way to a person’s heart just might be through their stomach, and what restaurant today does not have a link to an online wallet? Take your partner out on a special date and let the foodie in them go all out, while you enjoy the special offers from your online wallet.
  4. Perhaps you could book a late night show and surprise them by going to see that new movie they have been dying to watch.
  5. You may find yourself questioning the security of these wallets, but rest assured knowing that they have several measures in place to keep your money safe. So, carry out that Vodafone recharge or order up a delicious treat for your companion with peace of mind.

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