Many businesses have turned to a VoIP Reseller, or a company offering Internet phone service to configure their telephony and communications systems. These important third party agents can offer a range of necessary features for deeply discounted rates. Customers like the fact that resellers are highly reliable, offer clear, secure connections without static or interference, and give businesses unlimited calling plans. The unlimited calling feature is especially important for businesses on strict budgets. Here are two other benefits of going with a reseller.

Expansive Features

Often, when a company signs up for a new telephony service, the company they contract with offers a standard plan at a set rate. Any additional features typically require a monthly add-on charge. Resellers are often able to offer these additional features without any extra cost, which allows companies to maximize the money budgeted for phone service. No business owner wants to find a good service and keep adding on features in order to fulfill all of his business needs. This can eventually become very costly. Internet phone service providers can offer advanced features that come with the existing calling plan.


No two businesses are alike, so no two phone systems should be alike. Every business has a different need that should push owners to choose solutions that are flexible. For example, a great package offered by a reseller at a great price is only beneficial if the package contains everything the business needs. The best resellers can customize service offerings to fit each client’s specific needs. Most even allow customers to mix the features from two or more calling plans to make sure they have all bases covered. Business owners have no incentive to do business with service providers who are rigid in their offerings. A reseller allows for the flexibility most people need to get what they want for telephony service.

Flexibility and features are not the same for all resellers, so it is important to do some homework, comparing prices and offerings, before making a final decision. There are some resellers who approach added features with an upcharge. Customers should also check to make sure their plans cover international calls, especially if they do much of their business globally. It is a gift to find the service plan that offers everything a business needs without escalated pricing. Sometimes, the ability to stay profitable depends on this choice.

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