Thousands of students appear for the JEE Main, the all India Joint Entrance Exam. After completing the 10thstandard of their school education, students with the science backdrop opt for either engineering or medical. Many students choose the former and appear for the engineering examination JEE but only a few hundred can actually crack the examination and get into esteemed engineering colleges of India. The proven method to prepare for the examination is to focus on the syllabus from the beginning. Here are some tried and tested tips and strategies to help prepare you for your career as an engineer.

Efficient Time Keeping is a Must

Efficient time managing plays a very vital part in preparation of any examination. For the highly competitive examination like JEE Main 2016, the major challenge is to efficiently manage time. There examination consists of various papers and the students need to prioritize the time according to individual calibre, time for preparation amongst the available time. More often than not it is found that a student puts in great effort on a single subject and then runs short of time to prepare for the other important papers. The JEE entrance examination is the most competitive and challenging when compared to the various other entrance examinations and thus efficient time management is fundamental for a student.

Take Advantage of the Internet

Now days it is quite easy for students to know what kind of questions they are likely to face in entrance examinations because of the easy access to such vast collection information online. They can also accurately find out exactly what kinds of skills are needed by them to be successful in their engineering career. Let’s look at a few strategies that students would do well to follow during their 10+2 classes, this is also the time when they are most efficient in preparing for the competitive examinations –

  • Keep an eye on online forums that are about preparation for engineering entrance examinations such as JEE.
  • Browse the online resources that keep you updated on the latest syllabus, expected format, and news about the JEE and other important examinations
  • Get a hold of the previous years’ question papers, and solve them, so that you know the best approaches to solving problems in the multiple choice question paper
  • Partake in online courses and consultancy sessions to help stay up to date regarding the syllabus and the depth of knowledge required.


Steer Clear of Suggestion Notes

It is demeaning for engineering students to study suggestion notes. After successfully cracking an engineering exam, a student is supposed to study and work hard and hones his skills in the lab. An engineer is supposed to deal with the longevity and sustenance of engines, buildings and construction and thus if a student has prepared from suggestion notes then his learning is severely limited. This in turn can prove to be very dangerous for a student in the engineering line. It is very important to keep your basics strong for preparing for an engineering career. As a student who has chosen to pursue engineering as a career it is of the utmost importance to avoid the easy road and learn without shortcuts.

Avoid Anxiety

Just being a good student and completing the syllabus on time does not make you fully prepared for the JEE 2016 entrance exam. To crack the engineering examination JEE one needs to have full control on nerves. Anxiety can be a career destroyer for students who are preparing for engineering career. It has often been seen that a bright student who couldn’t keep his anxiety under control has scored less than a student who may not be as bright but has a cool level head.

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