A manufacturing company used to have to spend a lot of money on services that did not pertain to their business. But with the advent of outsourcing, manufacturers can now focus on their core competencies and let professional organizations worry about the other functions. If a business process is not part of the core of a company’s concerns, then that process should be outsourced. For manufacturers, there are a few services that should be used to free up more time and money to focus on better manufacturing methods.


These days, packaging in a science that can cost a lot of money to get right. To save money on developing effective packaging for their products, manufacturers should invest in professional packaging services. These experts will design and create the packaging, and all the manufacturer has to do is put the products in the boxes.


Unless your manufacturing company makes payroll software, then maintaining your payroll is not a core function. It is costing you money to keep a staff of accountants to monitor payroll and make sure that the paychecks get out on time. You could save a great deal of money and rest assured that your payroll is going to be accurate when you outsource this function to professionals.

IT Support

More and more manufacturing functions are becoming computer controlled, but that does not mean that a manufacturer has to invest heavily in a large IT support staff. There are plenty of outsource support organizations that can accommodate your new technology needs, and keep all of your high-tech machines performing at maximum capacity.

Website Design

Manufacturers utilize their websites to take orders, deliver customer service and gather customer information. But as valuable as a business website is to a manufacturer, it is not something that should require a significant investment of resources. There are plenty of competent website design companies available who can create and maintain a website for a manufacturer for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.

In order to maximize profits, a manufacturer needs to focus its resources on its core business functions. By outsourcing non-essential functions, a manufacturer can use the money it saves to create more efficient and innovative manufacturing methods.

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