In our world of modernization and technology, people are most of the time online and connected with one another, anywhere and everywhere thanks to the multiple advancements in mobile and wireless technology. Social media has paved the way into reaching different people with ease. However, there are places in the world where certain social media apps are banned. One of these countries is China. China has restrictions on the internet which were coined as the China’s Great Firewall. There are a lot of reasons why China block social media apps. One of them is to promote apps which were made domestically. These companies took the opportunity in order to develop into a big company and attract a lot of users. Some of these companies are even much bigger than their western counterparts which are a great opportunity for different businesses to visit. If you are to visit China and would want to be part of the social networks which are only available in China, listed below are alternatives to international social media websites.


Without Facebook in China, WeChat is the alternative that surely was able to get the potential users of Facebook. It comes with all of the same uses and features as the Facebook messenger. It supports Venmo and Paypal. It could be used for reserving movie tickets, or even for ordering a cab. The app is essentially more than just a social media network, but it also serves as a utility for a person’s daily services. Also, companies and celebrities use the app for promotional purposes.


RenRen came into picture almost at the same time as Facebook. It became popular by 2009 when Facebook was blocked by the Chinese government. Renren had similar color schemes, logos, and design as the original Facebook which people gave it the title of the Chinese version of Facebook. However, the company was not able to maximize its opportunities and was not able to anticipate the transition into mobile which led to the downfall of the company. This opportunity was then capitalized by other companies such as WeChat and Weibo which made RenRen become the Failed Chinese Facebook.


The Chinese alternative for Twitter is Weibo. It is a social media platform that allows the user to share snippets of personal information and opinions. It serves as a blogging website for different users. Companies also have their own Weibo accounts in order to communicate and give updates to their customers more. Most Chinese people use Weibo to follow their favorite celebrities, friends, companies, and iconic people.


Similar to Youtube in terms of amateur people doing their own videos then sharing it with their peers, YoukuTudou is much more professional in which it contains less self-produced videos and more created by real producers. People of China use it to stream movies, tv shows, or even download them. Most of the videos, movies, and TV shows still come from foreign countries like America and Japan but are regulated by the Chinese Government and are translated in Mandarin. It is a mobile app that is a substitute to the traditional television.


Douban is a Chinese social media site that is a mash up of multiple western websites. Users of Doubancould connect with each other to discuss different movies, events, music, and books. It also serves as a platform for users who want to book tickets for the movies, concerts, and other events. It could also be used to download books, and the latest addition to Douban’s uses is it allows its users to stream music much like Spotify.

Social media surely is the driving force of our society today. It could influence a lot of people especially the youth. China did what it had to do with banning western social media apps in efforts to preserve the integrity of its history. Taking a shit at the history of China is a huge mistake. A Japanese CEO made this mistake where he published books that deny the rape of Nanking, a vital part of Chinese history. The Chinese people then showed its strength in social media and stated that its people would not support the CEO’s companies if it would not recall its books. This shows the strength of the Chinese people in terms of their culture and history.

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